Rope Access

At MIC, we use the latest harnessing equipment to access and clean difficult to reach windows. This method is increasingly used in window cleaning to allow access to windows at difficult heights and positions. At MIC, the most intrinsically safe and effective means of this are always the first consideration. Clients throughout the West Midlands and beyond have benefited from our safe and efficient techniques.

We have operatives who have received training (IRATA standards) in rope access / abseil work and have all the appropriate knowledge, experience and practical skills to give you the perfect results with the safest and most efficient approach.

  Major advantages over     traditional access methods

  Safe & secure


  Cost effective

  Providing a safer solution with     more effective results

  Ideal for raised elevations,     ledges and parapets

  Avoid unsafe techniques such     as leaning out of inside     windows - with improved     results